Strategy – Inclusive Business

Archipel&Co designs inclusive and sustainable strategies at headquarters, operational and commercial levels, in partnership with our clients’ functional, category, brand, country, factory leaders.
Archipel&Co has been at the forefront of inclusive business and has helped create and scale some of the most iconic projects in the space.

In the inclusive business space, Archipel&Co works on three main dimensions:

  • Accelerating access to products and services to low-income communities through frugal innovation, innovative distribution channel and marketing.
  • Connecting informal micro-entrepreneurs within the value chain: Companies are increasingly engaging with micro-entrepreneurs and stakeholders with whom they may not have a direct contractual relationship but where significant mutual-value opportunities exist. Examples include suppliers like smallholder farmers, distributors like street-vendors or mom & pop shops, or self-employed workers. One of the key challenge for these companies is to attract, retain and motivate these value chain partners. Archipel&Co has a unique expertise in designing and implementing innovative incentive schemes and loyalty plans based on social benefits. These plans drive business performance (sales, recruitment, loyalty, etc.) by maximizing the company’s social impact.
  • Help communities better collaborate among them-selves. Archipel&Co works with the largest collaborative platforms to enhance their social impact.

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Strategy- Community Relations

Industrial site managers have are increasingly responsible for social and environmental challenges beyond the gate. Local teams have to understand and maintain the acceptability of their operations, addressing the concerns and expectations from diverse stakeholders including neighbours,
authorities, associations, suppliers and other value chain partners.
Archipel&Co has supported hundreds of industrial sites worldwide in the definition and implementation of their community relations strategy. We partner with clients and deliver experience-based advice,
operational tools, training and in-field support. We have developed practical solutions and tools designed for local technical teams to take action on topics with which they are usually not familiar,

  • Social due diligence
  • Stakeholder mapping and dialogue plans
  • Issue management
  • Socio-economic contribution measurement
  • Impact assessment

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